Councils receive emergency funding for damaged roads

Councils receive emergency funding for damaged roads 24th March 2014

Councils in England have received a share of funding to help them cover the cost of repairs to roads damaged in the recent severe flooding.

The UK government has made £183.5 million of emergency funding available to councils in the south of England who were hit by recent severe weather during the wettest winter on record.

On March 20th, it was announced how much of the funding would be made available to each of the 116 local highway authorities who are deemed to be in need of it. Additionally, a one-off payment from Transport for London will be given to London Boroughs.

Transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin said: "Damage to roads causes misery for drivers and local communities and the severe weather over the last few months has made the problem worse.

This extra money will help make a real difference to the millions of road users and residents across England who rely on local roads, giving them safer and smoother journeys."

The funding is in addition to the £200 million that chancellor George Osborne made available to fix potholes during the Budget on March 20th.

It is estimated that £400 million will be required to repair the UK's roads following the severe weather. This is in addition to the £10.5 million backlog of repairs that was needed prior to the flooding.

Potholes can be damaging to tyres, suspension and steering alignment on vehicles. The likelihood of damage to a car is raised when these holes in the road are hit at high speed.

When driving on roads that have been damaged, drivers are advised to check their speed and keep an eye out for potholes. Should they hit a pothole and feel a change to their vehicle, such as their steering pulling to one side or a vibration occurring, then they should stop when it is safe to do so and check for damage.

If any damage to a vehicle is noticed, then drivers should see a technician to have this fixed professionally.

Posted by Danielle Barge