Cumbria lead the way with defective tyre clampdown

24th November 2011

UK drivers have been sent a stark reminder to check their tyres following the results of a clampdown on cars with defective tyres by police in Cumbria.

According to reports from Whitehaven News, the Cumbria Constabulary conducted static and mobile vehicle checks throughout October as part of Tyresafe month.

Tyre safety is an important issue, with failure to comply to regulations resulting in fines of up to £2,500 a tyre, three penalty points or even a serious road accident.

This particular clampdown highlighted the cause for such concern, with a total of thirty six vehicles found to be in breach of road regulations.

Eight of these drivers have been summoned to court for more serious tyre related offences.

In total, 11 vehicles were stopped by police and subsequently prohibited from being driven until tyre repair services were called out.

PC Shaun McKeown, from the Collison Investigation Unit, warned White Haven news "It's not just the driver who can be prosecuted."

"The registered keeper of a vehicle has a duty to ensure that their vehicle is road worthy so checking your vehicle really is important," he added.

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