Cutting road safety makes no sense, says IAM

1st May 2012

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has condemned plans for a 15 per cent cut in the road safety budgets across local councils in England.

Under the plans, as much as £23 million could be cut from the money that goes towards training and information for young drivers, rehabilitation courses for motoring offenders and other services related to safe school routes and crossing initiatives.

According to the IAM, over half of the 152 councils contacted cut spending on road safety and traffic management by over ten per cent, with 37 per cent of councils also moving to cut road maintenance funding too.

Simon Best, the IAM chief executive, condemned the decision to cut this crucial investment as "deeply worrying".

"Cuts of this scale risk lives as well as the UK's table-topping status as the best in the world for road safety," he added.

Mr Best called on the government to reintroduce the use of casualty reduction targets in a bid to make councils readdress the balance and give more priority to road safety.

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