Defective tyres lead to high-speed chase

23rd April 2012

One motorist's eagerness to avoid capture over his defective tyres landed him with a high speed chase and subsequent court appearance.

Sterling Brian Croft, of Swansea, was last week (April 20th) sentenced to 32 weeks in jail, with the judge agreeing to suspend the sentence for two years.

It followed an extraordinary turn of events earlier this month that saw the man, who was driving on badly worn tyres and also had £10 of cannabis in his possession, panic after seeing the blue flashing lights of a police car behind him.

Mr Croft, believing the police to be in pursuit of him, began to overtake cars at high speed.
The only problem was that, at this point, police had little idea of what was causing his erratic driving and were instead en route to a traffic accident.

Once Mr Croft began to weave in and out of traffic though, that all changed and they began to give chase.

A brief pursuit ensued, with the driver eventually losing control of his car at a traffic island. No one was hurt during the crazed pursuit with the 28-year-old driver subsequently receiving the suspended sentence along with a fine.

The story follows calls from police to ensure tyre tread is within the legal limits, warning that failing to adhere to these regulations could leave drivers in serious danger.

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