Defective tyres responsible for more than 1,200 road accidents in 2010

30th September 2011

More than 1,200 road accidents were caused by illegal, defective and under-inflated tyres in 2010, according to new research.

The Department for Transport has released a new report which shows that illegal tyres were responsible for around 1,210 accidents in the UK, including 18 fatalities. This brings the number of tyre-related deaths on UK roads in the last five years to 164.

"The latest figures are truly shocking and emphasise why we need ongoing action, education and awareness about tyre safety issues," said Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe – the UK body responsible for promoting tyre safety.

"Making sure that your tyres are safe and legal is a quick and easy job, yet we still see hundreds of accidents occurring each year because drivers don't make these essential safety checks."

Tyre Safety Month is set to take place in October, with a number of events scheduled to take place to highlight the importance of tyre maintenance. 

Posted by Danielle Barge