Do poor driving skills affect your first date?

Do poor driving skills affect your first date? 18th August 2015

When heading out on a first date, there are many things to worry about doing in order to impress your potential other half. However, one thing that most will not have considered is how their driving comes into play. 

According to a new survey released by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) this week, bad driving skills in a prospective partner can be a real turn off for many people.

Factors such as rudeness and bad personal hygiene still rank highest on the list of things that people would be put off by on a date, but according to the survey, as many as 46 per cent see road rage on a date as a no-no, while 45 per cent and 44 per cent respectively said the same for driving while texting and talking on the phone behind the wheel. 

Even a dirty car could bring a premature end to a blossoming relationship, with 23 per cent saying the state of the vehicle they are picked up in can put them off someone. 

Other things that will potentially irritate a date include people who drive far too slowly on the roads, which 13 per cent said, and someone who takes a long time to park (11 per cent). 

The IAM’s chief executive, Sarah Sillars said: “Bad driving not only has an impact on the safety of our roads, but can also affect your chances of romance. Being able to manoeuvre properly and drive carefully should be much higher up on people's dating priorities.”

Getting it right early doors is the key to success in this area, with respondents saying that they will make note of someone's driving skills within the first 65 seconds of getting into the car. So making sure the vehicle is well prepared and tidy, as well as ensuring you drive carefully, can be a real key to success. 

Posted by Danielle Barge