Don’t let your tyres dampen your bank holiday, says Tyresafe

29th March 2012

Spending a couple of minutes checking your car tyres before embarking on any bank holiday trips could save you "hours of hassle", according to Stuart Jackson, chairman of Tyresafe.

The comments come with just a week to go until the East bank holiday weekend, with families up and down the country set to hit UK motorways in search of fun in the sun.

According to the AA, punctured or torn tyres were the second most common reason for a call- out in 2011.

Tyresafe are calling for drivers to consider air pressure and overall compound condition before travelling. The correct tyre pressure is crucial when travelling particularly with vehicle weights increasing as a result of extra passengers and luggage.

In these instances, inflating them to a higher pressure is advised and could help reduced an potential heat build up caused by under-inflated tyres.

Tyres should also be visually inspected to check for cuts, lumps and bulges with tread depth also an important consideration.

“Don’t let the state of your tyres put a dampener on your Bank Holiday fun," Mr Jackson said.

"It’s quick and easy to check them and will leave you free to enjoy what really matters."

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