Driver left feeling flat from pothole tyre damage

25th January 2012

The story of a driver who was left with flat tyres after driving through a pothole has highlighted the need for careful driving on UK roads.

According to the Burton Mail, drivers had been encountering a large pothole near a main carriageway in the South Derbyshire region of Woodville.

With the pothole remaining unrepaired, drivers began to encounter problems during periods of heavy rain, when water concealed the gap hole in the highway.

Phil Evans, who is 60-years-old and from Moira, was one of the first to encounter the problem after driving home on a Friday night.

Speaking in an interview with the newspaper, Mr Evans said: “The car dropped straight into the hole and I had a flat tyre straight away. It cost me £200 for a new tyre."

The driver was one of many to complain about the pothole, with the Derbyshire County Council subsequently promising an inspection of the affected area.

In the meantime, careful driving and consideration of tyres is recommended, with motorists advised to carefully monitor the approaching road surface and always carry a spare tyre in their car.

The story comes as learner drivers face stricter theory tests in a bid to raise awareness of the Highway Code and how best to apply it to day-to-day driving.

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