Drivers expected to face more strong winds this week

Drivers expected to face more strong winds this week 10th November 2015

It took it's time getting here this year, but winter announced its arrival for 2015 with real fervour this past weekend, with strong winds battering much of the UK between Saturday and Monday. And drivers have been warned that there could yet be more to come. 

The Met Office said that the 60mph winds we were subjected to in the last few days could resurface from Tuesday, with commuters in the north-west in particular told to look out for gusts of wind on Tuesday (November 10th) evening. 

Met Office forecaster Jenna Macgregor said that the very strongest gales were expected to remain isolated, but added that it's important for drivers to make sure they are taking care as these can come out of nowhere and cause havoc. 

In strong winds, drivers should always be making sure they are leaving enough space between themselves and the driver in front in case the other car needs to take action to deal with winds, as well as ensuring that they keep both hands on the wheel throughout their journey. After all, strong winds can come out of nowhere and really cause a surprise. 

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: "Given the unusually mild temperatures for November, it is not icy roads but high winds that motorists are having to contend with in several parts of the UK.

While most of us would have been expecting colder weather conditions to have been an issue on the roads so far this year, it's important to make sure we are not taking the milder conditions lightly. High winds can be just as dangerous as ice and snow on the roads, particularly when it comes to cornering and overtaking.

Posted by Danielle Barge