Driver’s faulty safety system experience highlights importance of manual tyre checking

6th September 2012

An article featured in Auto Express has put the spotlight on in-car safety systems and their capacity to give drivers a false sense of security around tyres and other vehicle components.

Mike Allen, from Reigate, Surrey, found the safety system in his BMW 5 series wasn’t working properly when it failed to warn him his tyres were dangerously worn.

The motorist hadn't been concerned about his rubber thanks to the factory-fitted tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) installed in his vehicle – a £255 extra he'd shelled out for designed to automatically detect problems.

However, despite his back right tyre being virtually deflated, the TPMS entirely failed to warn him.

"The inside of the tyres had worn badly and unevenly," Mr Allen said, adding "there was plenty of tread on the outside".

“If the tyre had given up on the motorway, it could have been really serious,” he continued.

The driver's local BMW dealer stressed that owners should check their tyre pressures manually, though in-car safety systems are designed to do that for them

While such technologies are usually completely reliable, Mr Allen's experience proves there's still no substitute for proper regular manual tyre checks alongside a full MOT from a qualified specialist.

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Posted by Danielle Barge