Drivers should check tyres before Bank Holiday exodus

24th August 2012

This weekend's Bank Holiday will see around 3.6 million Britons going on an overnight break in the UK, VisitEngland's figures suggest.

The body's Bank Holiday Trip Tracker found 43 per cent of respondents had been inspired to explore the UK off the back of this year's big events such as the Olympics and Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

With so many hoping to make the most of their extra day off, the usual Bank Holiday traffic almost seems a forgone conclusion. ATS Euromaster recommends drivers check their tyre pressures before hitting the road this weekend.

In addition, new research from TomTom has raised another pertinent Bank Holiday issue, namely that of how to keep the nippers happy during the journey.

An international survey of 4,113 women with children between two and eight found kids in the UK have on average 24 minutes before boredom sets in, ranking second place behind Aussie nippers.

The research also suggests the average holiday car journey lasts around five hours – sure to be a strain on both your car tyres and your mental wellbeing with your little monsters clamouring for attention in the backseat.

Creativity may be the answer – 74 per cent of mums said they make up games in order to keep the kids occupied.

Eager to get your tyres checked before the journey? ATS Euromaster offers the service you need.

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