Drivers urged to stay safe en route to holiday destinations

11th July 2013

As part of the summer holiday season, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has issued crucial advice on how to avoid breakdowns and time-consuming, costly problems on the road.

Although holiday-goers are often anxious to arrive at their destination, IAM urges drivers to give others plenty of space on the road. Tailgating is a common cause of collisions. Motorists are advised to maintain a two second gap between their vehicle and the one ahead.

In busy traffic, road rage is rampant. Drivers should prepare for aggressive road users and do their best to prevent accidents by driving cautiously. Swift braking and swerving is likely to exacerbate a hostile environment on the road.

Courtesy is important throughout the journey – an integral part of that is lane discipline. Motorists should stay in the left lane to maintain a steady pace, and use the right-hand lanes for overtaking only.

IAM emphasised the importance of mindful driving en route to holiday destinations, saying respect of other road users has a significant impact on the quality of journeys.

Head of the Highway Agency’s National Traffic Operations Centre, Steve Crosthwaite, commented: “If the journey to the airport, ferry or beach is a miserable one it can really shatter the holiday mood. We encourage people to spend a little time before they set off checking the traffic and weather conditions so they are prepared and allow adequate time for their journey, including breaks."

IAM officials hope these suggestions will reduce the number of accidents that occur this summer. Last year alone, there were over 33,000 accidents reported on Britain’s highways, causing backups and delays for thousands of travellers.

In response, Mr Crosthwaite vowed to keep the Highway Agency’s network steadily flowing as much as possible this season. “If there is an incident on our network, we will be doing all we can to inform road users and to get everyone safely on their way again,” he said.

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