Drivers urged to take a break on motorways

Drivers urged to take a break on motorways 20th July 2015

Drivers who are hitting the motorways across the UK are putting themselves at risk by not taking enough breaks from driving, according to a new study released this week by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM). 

The road charity looked at the habits of British motorists by polling some 1,753 adults, and it found that as many as two-thirds (65 per cent) don't believe they need to take a break when they're on the motorway. 

It added that 79 per cent said the only way they would be convinced to take a break would be if they had adjudged a specific service station along the way to be convenient to their route. The IAM warned that these sorts of attitudes could be putting drivers nationwide in danger. 

The study found that while most drivers will prepare well for a long journey ahead – 85 per cent make sure they have enough fuel for the long drive before setting off – only 50 per cent will ever factor in a stop for rest before they hit the road. 

Some 94 per cent even said that the only reason they would consider taking a break at a service station is if they needed to use the toilet. 

For those who do not factor a stop into their journey, the IAM asked for the reason behind this. Most said that it was down to the quality of service stations and what they have on offer. Some 56 per cent said the fuel at service stations is overpriced, while 45 per cent said the same of the food and drink on offer at these facilities. 

Sarah Sillars, IAM’s chief executive officer said: “Where drivers avoid taking rest breaks at a motorway service station, simply because they want to reach a destination quicker, raise the risk of making several mistakes and being involved in an incident."

Posted by Danielle Barge