Drivers warned about the dangers of strong gales

Drivers warned about the dangers of strong gales 30th July 2015

Drivers in the UK have been warned to play it safe when hitting the roads this week, with the Met Office predicting that the weather may be about to take a sudden turn for the worse. 

After weeks of stunning sunny weather throughout the end of June and for most of July, we've become accustomed to the better weather nationwide, but the Met Office has said that later this week we may see strong gales and heavy rain across the nation. 

Wales, the West Midlands, London, the south east and the south west have all been afforded warnings, with some coastal areas possibly even about to see winds reach speeds in excess of 50mph. 

The weather could cause real issues for drivers, with debris on the roads and wind blowing drivers off course potentially causing issues for those heading out this week. 

One of the best ways to make sure you can stay safe when out and about on roads in windy weather is to simply make sure that you are prepared. If your car is in good condition, and you have planned ahead and tried to avoid country roads and bridges which may be exposed, then the chances of you coming across problems will be lowered considerably. 

Drivers should always make sure in windy conditions to keep an increased distance between themselves and the car in front to make sure that they have plenty of time to react to any weather-related moves the vehicle in front has to make. 

It's also vital to keep an eye on the road ahead. Look at how other drivers are being affected by conditions at certain parts of the road and make sure that you are prepared to handle anything that comes your way when you get there.

Posted by Danielle Barge