Drivers warned to take care in windy conditions

18th October 2013

Road safety charity the Institute of Advanced Motorists has provided tips to drivers in the UK who will face windy conditions this autumn and winter.

The organisation's top advanced driver Peter Rodger urged motorists to plan their journey, including looking for routes with less exposure to the weather and a reduced risk of falling trees.

Keeping a firm grip on the steering wheel is also important, as gusty winds can blow a car off course and into the path of another.

The expert also urged drivers to give cyclists, motorcyclists, lorries and buses more room than usual when overtaking as they can be blown around easily.

Mr Rodger said: “I have seen a parked car moved by the wind.  Don’t underestimate how powerful it is and how it can affect you whilst in the car.”

He also urged drivers to keep an eye on other vehicles and how the wind is affecting them, as this will provide a pre-warning.

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