Driving Instructor legislation submitted

21st June 2012

New legislation, which will ensure any driving instructor that poses a significant threat to public safety receives an immediate suspension, was passed in Parliament yesterday (June 20th).

At the moment, it still takes at least 45 days before a driving instructor, who may be posing a threat to their pupils and  motorists around them, can be legally stopped from continuing to give paid driving instruction.

However, under the changes, the registrar of approved driving instructors will now be granted the power to immediately suspend the registration or trainee licence of any instructor  who is representing a real danger to public safety.

The new rules are set to come into force from July 13th, with road safety minister Mike Penning backing the changes to improve overall road safety.

“The vast majority of instructors meet the extremely high standards we require of them," he said.

"But in the very rare cases where an instructor presents a significant danger to the public, it is right that we take prompt and effective action to protect learners and other road users.”

The registrar is also likely to use the power in situations where instructors have been convicted of a violent or sexual offence or have been guilty of delivering tuition of a notably poor standard.

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