Driving me crazy: Half of UK drivers want volume control enforcement for music

30th August 2012

Worn tyres and cars in need of servicing aren't the only things that can pose serious threats to cars – distracting music has also been flagged up as a major concern by a new survey.

Research from car insurance company Allianz has found 54 per cent of British motorists would like volume levels to be enforced on distracting in-car music.

On average, drivers listen to seven hours of in-car music a week. Jazz and blues fans were found to be most susceptible to accidents, with over a quarter having experienced them due to being too sucked into their music. On the other hand, classical lovers were the most cautious on the roads.

Men are more likely to have a car accident through music, with 22 per cent having crashed as a result compared with 12 per cent of women.

Two-thirds (63 per cent) of car drivers also admitted they get annoyed by other drivers playing loud music.

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