Dunlop completes Goodyear tyre testing

21st May 2012

Dunlop has announced that it has completed testing over 500 Goodyear truck tyres, covering 16 types in over 55 different sizes and ensuring they will be ready to meet new European tyre regulations coming in at the end of the year.

The testing was carried out at the Goodyear Innovation Centre in Luxembourg.

Three main performance attributes are covered by the new European Union regulatory framework on tyres – fuel efficiency, wet-grip performance and exterior rolling noise.

Goodyear has welcomed the move as something which will help ensure motorists have access to the safest and most efficient tyres, with the label making comparison between different brands and styles easier.

Boris Stevanovic, marketing director of Goodyear Dunlop's Truck Tyres service in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, said: "We are enthusiastic about the arrival of the label because it will be another confirmation that our tyres deliver on what we build – fuel efficiency without compromising on safety."

Posted by Danielle Barge