Dunlop celebrate Spaghetti Junction anniversary in style

15th May 2012

Tyre manufacturer Dunlop has successfully manoeuvred a special truck-based celebration of the famous Spaghetti Junction section of the M6 motorway, in celebration of the anniversary of its opening.

This famously complicated intersection of the M6 motorway has now been open for 40 years, providing haulage drivers and motorists at large with a key gateway to the rest of the UK.

In honour of this service, Dunlop Motorsport organised a special ten-truck drive-by stunt, which saw the fleet of vehicles take over three lanes of the M6.

Coming from various sections of the intertwined roads connecting the junction, the convoy was able to simultaneously converge at the same point, with an aerial photograph subsequently capturing the moment.

The trucks then drove through the city on the old Birmingham Superprix to complete a memorable day in the Midlands.

Dunlop currently manufactures its racing tyres at a facility in the city and estimates that as many as ten million compounds have been shipped since the facility first opened in 1972.

James Bailey, director of marketing and communications for Dunlop Motorsport Europe, said: "We are very proud of our long association with Birmingham and that we not only design, develop and manufacture tyres here, but also provide many of the support teams for race championships across Europe and the world."

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Posted by Danielle Barge