Economic uncertainty ‘changing how motorists drive’

19th September 2011

The continued economic uncertainty hanging in the air is encouraging motorists to change when and how they use their cars, new research suggests.

According to a study from Manheim Auctions, which was conducted by One Poll in August, 50 per cent of motorists are driving slower to save money.

By keeping an eye on the speedometer, it is possible to minimise wear on your tyres, as well as improving fuel efficiency.

The research indicated that 60 per cent feel the continued economic uncertainty is affecting how they use their cars, up from 38 per cent in October 2010.

More people might be encouraged to buy tyres online in order to save money, with the poll suggesting that 26 per cent are turning to the internet in search of the best deals.

Craig Mailey, marketing director of Manheim Auctions, said: "There is no doubt that more and more motorists are now thinking twice before using their cars.

"When the time comes to change their car, it seems that more are also considering a second-hand car as increased demand for smaller, fuel efficient vehicles at auctions demonstrates."

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