Employees must take care when driving company cars

13th June 2012

Motoring repair and claims firm Total Accident Management has shed fresh light on the leading causes of accidents for drivers using company cars.

It follows an exclusive study into those crashes involving high mileage company cars, with results gathered from a cross section of corporate motorists driving between April 2011 and May 2012.

The results showed that weather played less of a part than expected with 53 per cent of accidents occurring in clear weather, while just four per cent occurred in rain, snow and sleet.

According to the firm, this showed that while motorists evidently took more care regarding road conditions in difficult weather, they often drove faster and paid less attention in improved weather.

The study showed that the majority of accidents took place on major A-roads with around 20 per cent reported, while B-roads accounted for 11 per cent minor A-roads registered nine per cent.

Interestingly, ten per cent of accidents also occurred in car parks, highlighting the importance of concentrating even when travelling at slower speeds.

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