EST highlights cost savings of fuel-efficient tyres

31st October 2012

Motorists can save significant amounts on fuel by driving with better standard tyres, the Energy Saving Trust (EST) has suggested.

According to the organisation, businesses, and therefore individuals, could save as much as £500 million annually by investing in fuel-efficient tyres.

The EST has suggested that the initial outlay is more than worth it when you consider the potential cost savings.

Senior knowledge manager at the EST Time Anderson, said: "Better tyres may cost more to purchase but this additional expenditure is usually more than offset by the fuel savings over the tyres’ lifetime."

The organisation's calculations come the day before new legislation which will require tyre makers to give their products a rating for fuel efficiency from 1st November.

It is not just tyres which potentially cost drivers dearly at the petrol pumps; the EST calculates that inefficient driving costs British drivers close to £7 billion in wasted fuel per year.

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Posted by Danielle Barge