EU labels will make tyre purchases easier, says SMMT

2nd July 2012

The introduction of the new labelling system for tyres, set to be introduced later this year, has won the backing of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

From the start of November, all compound retailers will be expected to display the new label on all replacement tyres.

However, from this week the labels will begin to start appearing in shops and dealerships.

Fuel efficiency and safety in wet conditions will be categorised using the new seven-grade ranking scale, with an A-grade tyre representing a premium compound in comparison with the lower-cost G-grade tyre.

The difference in performance between an A and G-grade could be as much as 30 per cent for safety and 7.5 per cent for fuel efficiency.

Commenting on the new system, SMMT chief executive Paul Everitt praised the new system and the benefits it will offer in helping "understand crucial safety and performance characteristics".

“Before this tyre label, customers only had price and brand to distinguish between more than 300 different types of tyres," he said.

"Now motorists have a set of comparable factors to make buying decisions easier.”

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