European manufacturers worst for MOT failures, says HonestJohn

15th May 2012

Research by HonestJohn has highlighted the large number of European-based cars that are likely to fail their first MOT test, with Renault ranked as the worst offender.

That is according to new figures collected by the consumer automobile advice website, which analysed 24.5 million MOT records obtained from the Vehicle Operator and Services Agency (VOSA) using the government's OpenData scheme.

European manufacturers were the worst offenders for first MOT failures, with Renault top followed by the Mini and Citroen in second and third.

Broken down by model, Renault Megane was the worst offender with only 71 per cent of cars registered passing their first MOT.

The Renault Megane was most likely to fail on lighting and signalling problems, according to the study.

Elsewere, the Mini One was another culprit, with 75 per cent of cars passing and lighting and signalling proving the most common complaint.

On the flip side the Suzuki splash had the best record with 90 per cent of this model passing its first MOT.

Commenting on the new release, editor Daniel Harrison called on families to use the data and be "better prepared for their MOTs" if they want to keep a lid on vehicle spending.

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