Extensive testing helps Michelin create new tyre

21st October 2011

French tyre manufacturer Michelin has extensively tested its new Primary 3 tyre to ensure it outperforms its rivals, it has been revealed.

The firm is set to unveil its Primacy 3 model, the successor to the Primacy HP tyre, across the European market in February 2012 following a lengthy trial period, reports tyrepress.com.

Michelin carried out more than 20 million kilometres of testing in varied driving conditions, with the Primary 3's dry road stopping distance from 100km/h found to be 2.2 metres shorter than its competitors.

Furthermore, when decelerating from 80km/h on a wet road, vehicles sporting the tyres reported braking distances around 1.5 metres less than their main rivals.

Vincent Rousset-Rouviere, chief operating officer for Michelin's Passenger Cars and Light Trucks Replacement Europe division, told the news provider: "The tyres have covered the equivalent of circling the globe many times.

"They've been tested everywhere, in every condition and at every speed consumers
will encounter."

Michelin also used data from the Technical University of Dresden in Germany to develop the tyre, which showed that 70 per cent of accidents take place on dry roads and 60 per cent occur in cities at low speeds.

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Posted by Danielle Barge