Failure to check tyre conditions is a global problem, survey reveals

28th December 2011

A new international survey by Hankook Tyres has revealed that a high proportion of drivers across the world fail to check tread depth and tyre pressure before embarking on a long car journey.

According to the survey, which polled 2,000 vehicle users across the US, Germany, China and Korea, an astonishing 35.3 per cent of respondents fail to regularly check tyres for wear.

The research also found that 32 per cent of the drivers questioned did not ensure compounds were correctly inflated before travelling, with only 42 per cent aware of the level of tyre inflation recommended for their vehicle.

Incorrect compound inflation can lead to tyres becoming damaged quicker than normal, costing drivers more money to replace in the process.

Under current rules, motorists are only required to maintain 1.6 mm of tread depth, but for maximum safety Hankook Tyres recommends a minimum of 2.8 mm before replacing compounds.

Speaking about the findings, Hankook Australia’s chief executive Paul Park said: “Because tyres are a grudge purchase for many people they rarely, if ever, check their tyre pressures.

"You need to check your tyre pressure for the safety of your family."

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