Family’s two-day ordeal serves as winter tyres reminder

winter car 22nd December 2011

The story of a US family who were trapped in 4ft of snow after their car lost grip on a rural highway has highlighted the importance of fitting winter tyres wherever possible.

David and Yvonne Higgins and their five-year-old daughter Hannah were trapped under the snow for two days, after Mr Higgins lost control of the car on a treacherous rural road near Springer in Texas.

Speaking to the press, Mr Higgins admitted that after being stuck in the snow for some time, he began to become alarmed when testing the depth of the snow.

“I tried to shove my arm through the top of the window. I thought, ‘It can't be that deep'," he said.

“I pushed as hard as I could. My arm went about 16in and there was still snow."

The Higgins family, who were driving a sturdy SUV at the time, were rescued after two days, with both adults suffering hypothermia.

But while the conditions represented an extreme example, the message remains clear: fitting the correct tyres, whether for winter or snow, is essential to safe driving during the winter months.

Posted by Danielle Barge