Financial squeeze leads to rise in caravan sharing

31st August 2012

Data from Saga Caravan Insurance suggests half of caravan owners have experienced more people asking them to lend them their caravan this year.

With the economic slump dragging onwards, Saga believes more people are opting for staycations over expensive trips abroad as they tighten the purse strings, leading to more demand for caravan holidays.

It hasn't overwhelmed the generosity of caravanners, however, with 44 per cent already lending their caravan to others and 31 per cent stating they would consider it if asked.

In terms of caravanning destinations, UK caravan sites were unsurprisingly the most popular, though music festivals and days out to sporting events and dog and cat shows were also seen as a good chance to hit the open road.

"Caravanners do appear to be a generous bunch," said Roger Ramsden, chief executive of Saga Services.

It is recommended that caravanners regularly check their tyres to ensure they are inflated to the correct level and meet other legal requirements to be roadworthy.

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