Fire service calls for vigilance over engine oil and water levels

27th April 2012

Motorists are being warned to ensure they check motor oil, water and coolant levels on a regular basis following a spate of vehicle fires.

Warwickshire Fire Service issued the warning, after revealing that faulty fuel supply or an overheated engine caused 65 per cent of the vehicle fires it dealt with in the last year.

Speaking to the Coventry Telegraph, Warwick Station commander Jon Dixon noted that authorities were "concerned" about the high proportion of blazes attributed to car maintenance issues.

Mr Dixon noted that in many instances, problems with engine oil or other car parts were the result of owners failing to book their cars in for a garage check up.

"A lot of this is down to people trying to make savings in their budget," he said.

"But cutting back on vehicle maintenance can often have severe consequences."

The fire chief called on motorists to undertake simple checks on tyre pressure and brake pads, while also making sure to undergo a regular MOT test.

This advice comes as Tyresafe urges drivers to avoid the purchase of cheaper part-worn compounds.

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