Firm chooses Michelin to ‘save money in long run’

16th October 2012

A haulage firm based in Bridgend has decided to switch to Michelin tyres in a bid to save money in the long run.

Smiths Mechanical has stated that while Michelin tyres cost more upfront than those it was using previously, it hopes to save money over time as it expects the new brand will last longer.

Simon Griffiths, director of Smiths Mechanical, said: "With Michelin, you're buying a premium casing built to deliver multiple lives because the tyres can be re-grooved, remixed, and then re-grooved again. So we're actually expecting to save money in the long run, as well as enjoying superior performance."

He explained that the tyres the company was using previously were inferior in terms of quality as they were only getting 60,000km from them, a distance which Mr Griffiths described as not viable.

Michelin recently announced its intention to go after the euro 6 coach market with the introduction of its X-Coach HL Z tyre, which can handle 7.5-tonne loads.

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