Firms urged to follow Anglian Water’s approach to tyre pressure

31st October 2011

UK organisations have been urged to follow in the footsteps of a UK utility firm and regularly check the tyre pressure of their company vehicles to cut costs.

Global tyre giant Michelin recently analysed the tyre pressures of 196 Anglian Water vehicles and found 40 per cent of them had low tyre pressure, reports Fleet News.

Insufficient tyre pressure can increase petrol costs, as cars fitted with tyres which are under-inflated by seven pounds per square inch (psi) consume two per cent more fuel and produce two per cent more carbon-dioxide emissions.

Michelin claims Anglian Water could therefore save around £65,000 in annual fuel costs and limit its carbon emissions by 117 tonnes by keeping tyre pressure at the recommended level.

Following the study, Anglian Water is implementing a number of measures to promote the importance of tyre pressure, including promoting its importance to employees and incorporating tyre pressure checks in its weekly fleet inspections.

David Riley, carbon manager, Anglian Water, told the news provider: "There is a strong link between tyre pressure, how safely we can drive and how much diesel we are using for each journey we make.

"Simple steps such as checking tyre pressures can help in everyone playing their part in terms of reducing overall carbon emissions. This is a very simple process for other organisations to learn from." 

Posted by Danielle Barge