Fit winter tyres ‘as soon as possible’

27th October 2011

UK motorists have been urged to fit winter tyres as soon as possible in order to improve their safety while driving during the cold season.

Car hire website has advised British drivers to change over from summer tyres now before the cold weather strikes.

Gareth Robinson, managing director of, said: "This year will see an awful lot of snow present on UK roads and so people may want to get their winter tyres fitted as soon as possible.

"There isn't any clear ruling on where and when to use winter tyres but more and more people are doing so."

Mr Robinson added that anyone who is planning to embark on a skiing trip this winter should also plan ahead and purchase snow chains and winter tyres to help them drive on the show-covered roads.

Earlier this month, motoring magazine Autocar revealed that leading UK insurers will not increase their customer's premiums if they choose to fit winter tyres. 

Posted by Danielle Barge