Fit winter tyres to reduce your insurance premiums

snow car 24th November 2011

Road-using businesses have been urged to fit winter tyres in order to reduce their insurance premiums.

Motor insurance brokers eQuoteDirect warned that fleet operators which suffer winter accidents can face inflated insurance quotes. However, this can be avoided if firms take precautions to improve the safety of their vehicles during the cold season, such as fitting cold weather tyres.

Winter tyres are much better suited to dealing with the cold and icy conditions than standard tyres as the silicon compounds are more flexible and therefore offer reduced stopping conditions.

A spokesman for eQuoteDirect said: "We can't stress enough about the dangers of driving in winter. The gritting trucks only cover the major roads and it's those icy side streets where motorists are at risk.

"If everybody can get used to preparing their vehicles for winter we should see a drop in accident figures and insurance premiums nationwide."

Winter proofing windscreens is also recommended by the brokers, with drivers urged to use window washer with anti-freeze components during the big freeze. 

Posted by Danielle Barge