Ford Mondeo tops “most-used” poll

21st March 2012

Anyone looking for a car with durability could be advised to consider a Ford Mondeo, after the car topped a poll as the "most-used" on average in Britain.

According to the research, conducted by Warranty Direct, the average Ford Mondeo covers more distance on UK roads than any other car.

The research shows that the Ford automobile racks up over 15,000 miles annually, some 600 ahead of the next most-used car the Volvo S80.

Despite covering such a long distance, the research also showed that just 15 per cent of motorists using a Mondeo required a warranty claim.

With the rising costs of tyres and regular MOT check-ups already weighing on the average driver, this research certainly makes for interesting reading.

Commenting on the findings, Warranty Direct managing director Duncan McClure Fisher said: "The Mondeo’s always been a favourite with company car drivers, and it appears they rarely stay idle for long. Despite this, they are reliable too."

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