Ford unveils “Easy” new fuel system

16th May 2012

A new system, designed by automaker Ford, could see misfuelling become a thing of the past while also helping to reduce the amount of petrol and diesel theft suffered across the country.

With fuel costs continuing to rise, the amount stolen from vehicles in the UK has risen sharply over the last year. According to Ford, there was a 25 per cent increase in the past year, with 4,500 cases reported.

The new Easy Fuel system, which will be fitted as standard to all top-sellling Ford models, could soon change that and cause other automakers to sit up and take notice.

This new feature has been created to allow drivers to refuel their vehicle easily and also reduce the ease with which petrol or diesel can be siphoned.

As Ford Britain sales director Andy Barratt explained: "Our novel Easy Fuel feature ensures that Ford owners put the right fuel in their car."

The innovative inhibitor features a fuel nozzle detector in place to guide the nozzle to the opening. If a foreign object, like a siphon, is placed in the filter neck, the latches on the system will not release, preventing the extraction of the fuel.

This new system is set to debut later this year.

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