FOXY Lady Drivers Club: Everyone should know how to change a tyre

7th September 2012

Motorists both male and female need to stop making excuses and teach themselves the practical know-how to change a tyre, according to one driving club.

In a recent blog post for, Steph Savill, head of FOXY Lady Drivers Club, highlighted the apathy many display when it comes to getting their hands dirty to replace their rubber.

She suggests motorists should carry a spare tyre if possible, or get their car fitted with run-flat tyres designed to keep working post-puncture.

Taking care of your tyres also can't be ignored – Ms Savill advises to keep an eye out for signs of low pressure or kerb damage and get a qualified tyre fitter or expert to attend to anything untoward.

Finally, the blogger suggests choosing 'a reputable tyre centre' and buying 'the best tyres you can afford' to ensure your wheels get the best possible treatment.

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Posted by Danielle Barge