Fuel costs prompt more economical driving from Brits

30th August 2012

The skyrocketing cost of fuel means UK motorists are being increasingly cautious with their driving behaviour to lower consumption, research from Green Flag breakdown service has found.

The company surveyed 2014 UK adults, finding that 39 per cent will avoid fuel-hungry actions like heavy acceleration or sudden breaking.

Some 41 per cent are slashing the number of journeys they make, while 11 per cent are using public transport more effectively.

Green Flag suggests drivers should ensure their tyres are inflated to the correct level, as too much or too little air in your rubber can affect fuel efficiency.

In addition, regularly servicing your vehicle will ensure it's in prime condition, while a smoother driving style and planning journeys are also recommended.

"Taking the pedal off the metal will not only save motorists money, but will also make roads safer as drivers avoid racing away from junctions," said Miranda Schunke, spokesperson for Green Flag.

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