Fuel economy key factor in Brits’ car choice

6th October 2011

More than a quarter of British drivers consider fuel economy to be the key factor when acquiring a new car, according to new research.

British Market Research Bureau has conducted a study on behalf of British Car Auctions (BCA) which revealed that 27 per cent of UK motorists will look to buy a vehicle with better fuel consumption next time around.

Survey respondents cited lower road tax as the second most important factor to consider when looking for a vehicle.

Furthermore, only 72 per cent of UK families now own a car, a drop of five per cent from 2010, with the biggest fall seen in the number of two-car households.

Tony Gannon, communications director at BCA, suggested that more Brits may have to change their tyres more regularly as an increasing number of families begin to rely on a single car.

He said: "With a drop in two-car families, this means the remaining car will have to 'work' that much harder. We are likely to see households keeping cars for longer and not changing them until mileages are much higher." 

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