Fuel-efficient tyres are cost-effective

pump petrol 9th November 2012

When it comes to purchasing tyres, the majority of motorists would probably put safety and cost-effectiveness as their top priorities, but Bridgestone Europe has made it their mission to add environmental impact to that list.

The company has just published a report entitled Environmental Commitment and Performance, in a bid to illustrate how serious an issue this is for them and motorists worldwide.

Head of European EH&S & Regulations Gianluca Tosatti, said that the report "shows again that we intend to stand by our environmental mission".

Brigestone Europe admits that tyres which perform well in all conditions are the customers' first concern "while tyres that help a vehicle to use less energy to move require different characteristics".

The company's NanoPro-Tech technology is just one such innovation which is designed to make a car's tyres more eco-friendly, without compromising on safety.

It works by helping to limit rolling resistance, which will make a vehicle more fuel-efficient, and that is something that any driver who is looking to save money will be pleased to hear.

Fuel-efficiency is gaining more importance in the tyre-buying process thanks to the EU's directive on tyre labelling.

Any company selling tyres in the European Union is now required to put a standardised label on its products, which grade them for fuel efficiency as well as for wet grip and exterior noise.

In April 2012, consumer watchdog Which? carried out a tyre test which revealed that using fuel-efficient tyres can make a real difference to the cost of motoring.

"While Which? agrees motorists should keep tyre pressures topped up (to ensure safe handling and braking as well as to save fuel), our research suggests that buying more fuel-efficient tyres is likely to save more money at the pumps", it said.

In order to get the most meaningful result, Which? decided to look at the UK's most commonly fitted tyre, the 205/55 R16V.

The Pirelli Cinturato P7s and the Hankook Kinergy Eco K425 won hands down when it came to fuel economy.

"In fact fitted to a car returning 40mpg, either the Pirelli or the Hankook would give you an extra 2.4mpg (around six per cent) compared with the worst tyre in our test for rolling resistance, the Nexen N8000. That equates to around £50 a year at today's record fuel prices", Which? concluded.

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Posted by Danielle Barge