Garages on the skids after selling illegal tyres

4th December 2012

A BBC investigation has found several garages in the West Midlands guilty of selling illegal second hand tyres.

To be sold, part-worn tyres must meet minimum legal standards. However, in seven test purchases carried out by BBC Inside Out West Midlands, all tyres turned out to be below this standard.

Damian Harty, tyre safety expert from Coventry University, judged the tyres to be illegal as they had not been stamped with the appropriate “part-worn” mark.

“There’s a requirement for part-worn tyres to be stamped so that you know what you are getting,” Mr Harty said. 

“The obvious stuff to look out for is things like tyre tread depth; it’s important that you can see tread over the whole tyre.” Mr Harty added: “There should be no cuts or rips.”

These findings highlight the importance of buying quality tyres from a reputable dealer, especially during winter, when road conditions become increasingly treacherous.

The research complements an Auto Express study carried out earlier this year in which just one of 50 sample tyres had the required seal of approval.

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Posted by Danielle Barge