GEM calls for harsher penalties for mobile phone users

8th June 2012

GEM Motoring Assist chief executive David Williams believes motorists using mobile phones when driving should receive harsher penalties.

It comes after research conducted by the road safety organisation showed overwhelming support for the introduction of harsher penalties for offending drivers.

Under the current laws, motorists receive a fine of £60 as well as three points on their drivers licence if they are caught using a mobile phone.

However, a resounding 91 per cent of UK drivers surveyed by GEM believe the penalties should be increased to act as a deterrent.

Over 90 per cent backed calls for the current fine to rise to £100 while a further 82 per cent believe a penalty of six points should be introduced. 

“It’s interesting to see that drivers themselves believe that the penalties are not severe enough," Mr Williams said.

"Driving while using a mobile phone can make motorists four times more likely to have a crash and reaction times 50 per cent worse than when driving normally, making it one of the most dangerous laws to break on the road."

Nearly 211,000 motorists were prosecuted for mobile use in 2010 alone.

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