GEM: Raising motorway speed limit will endanger motorists

3rd October 2011

The government's plan to raise the motorway speed limit will result in more road traffic accidents, it has been claimed.

Breakdown operator and road safety charity GEM Motoring Assist has criticised proposals to increase the speed limit on the motorway to 80 miles an hour, with the government claiming that such a rise would boost the economy.

David Williams, chief executive of GEM, claimed that the move would lead to more Britons damaging their vehicles and tyres.

He said: "I simply cannot understand this. From a road safety perspective we believe it would be a disaster.

"There are very obvious road safety implications including drivers having less time to react at higher speeds. Given the road safety record is currently heading in the wrong direction, this alone is a good enough reason not to raise the limit."

As part of the government's proposals, the number of areas covered by a 20mph limit is also set to increase. 

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