Gem urges motorists to check tyre tread before holidays

25th July 2012

Gem Motoring Assist has called on drivers to make sure they check the tread and pressure of their tyres before setting off on a holiday across the continent this summer.

The plea comes as part of a reminder by the road safety organisation to all motorists to ensure they are prepared for travelling in regions like France, where drivers will now be required to carry a standardised breathalyser kit in their car at all times

GEM advised motorists to ensure vehicle registration and MOT certificate documents are packed along with both parts of the standard driving licence.

Arguably the most important piece of advice to motorists was to ensure their car underwent a service.

"It makes sense to have your car serviced before you go, but as a minimum make sure to check the tread on the tyres, oil and water levels," the road safety group explained.

Other recommendations include ensuring detailed maps are packed, with journeys planned well in advance and any mechanical adjustments like beam deflectors completed.

An approved nationality plate and equipment such as a warning triangle, high visibility jacket and first aid kit are also essential.

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