Giving up smoking could improve value of car, says BCA

7th March 2012

The British Car Auctions (BCA) company has warned smokers to cut out their addictive habit or face a serious dent in the value of their car, that not even a set of new tyres could fix.

This warning comes as the UK gears up for National No Smoking Day on March 14th 2012, with the BCA eager to inspire motorists to quit the potentially life-threatening habit.

According to the company, smoking over a long period can lead to a significant drop in the value of any car when it comes time to selling it.

This could prove particularly frustrating to any car owner who has looked to boost the value of his vehicle with a visit to one of the many MOT test centres spread across the UK.

The replacement of worn-out compounds with new tyres has also been known to boost the value of a car, but the BCA warned much of this work could be undone by prolonged smoking.

Tim Naylor of the BCA said: "Our research shows that presentation is one of the top factors influencing the price of used cars. So if a car is more like an ashtray on wheels, chances are buyers will move on.

"The British Medical Association has highlighted research showing the levels of toxins in a car can be up to 23 times higher than in a smoky bar."

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