Goodyear Dunlop launches cold weather tyre campaign for commercial vehicles

11th September 2012

Goodyear Dunlop has launched its own information campaign to inform commercial vehicle operators about the safety benefits of cold weather tyres.

The company argued there is a common misunderstanding regarding winter tyres among operators, with many assuming they are only suitable for snow and ice.

In fact, the unique rubber composition of winter tyres means they offer much better performance at low temperatures in general, and are specifically designed to improve traction, handling and braking distance in wintry conditions.

Also, many fleets believe all tyres marked 'M+S' (standing for 'mud and snow') or similar are winter tyres – in reality such tyres differ in ability and are not always suitable for all cold conditions.

"Many operators never consider winter tyres unless they operate in the northernmost parts of Europe or in mountain regions, or are forced to by law," marketing director truck tyres for Goodyear Dunlop Boris Stevanovic said.

"With increasingly unpredictable European weather conditions and stricter tyre legislation, Goodyear is advising all commercial vehicle operators to ensure that they have the right tyres before the start of winter."

The Goodyear Dunlop campaign is backed up by recent statistics showing that in the UK alone 568 accidents involving heavy vehicles were due to icy or snowy conditions – a thought-provoking figure for a nation not renowned for heavy snowfall.

From November 1st's the new EU tyre labelling scheme will also encompass winter tyres. The new legislation behind the label defines exactly what performance tests a 'snow' tyre must pass – those models that are successful will then sport a snowflake and mountain symbol on their sidewall.

Goodyear offers its own range of winter tyre, called Ultra Grip. These models offer improved traction, stability and braking, and are designed to give drivers adequate mileage to navigate wet, snowy and icy roads.

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Posted by Danielle Barge