Goodyear highlights benefits of incoming tyre labelling regulations

4th November 2011

Goodyear Dunlop has highlighted the benefits of incoming tyre labelling regulations at an event at its Innovation Centre in Luxembourg.

From November 1st 2012, new legislation is set to come into force which will require manufacturers to label all car and truck tyres with ratings on fuel efficiency, wet grip and external rolling noise.

At its Road Safety Days, Goodyear claimed that the new label could help motorists reduce stopping distances of vehicles on wet roads by up to four car lengths, decrease fuel consumption by 7.5 per cent and limit carbon-dioxide emissions, reports

Jean-Pierre Jeusette, general director of Goodyear's Innovation Centre in Luxembourg, claimed that an A-grade tyre could save drivers around 300 euros (£258) over its lifetime compared to a G-grade tyre.

"We want consumers, fleet owners and other tyre purchasers to understand how important tyres are for their safety on the road and how the new tyre label will guide them towards safer and more environmentally friendly tyres, giving them the opportunity to make a better-informed purchase decision," quotes the news providers.

Around 140 guests from over 25 European countries attended the Road Safety Days. 

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Posted by Danielle Barge