Goodyear tyres help record-breaking truck

2nd May 2012

Mean Green, the world’s fastest hybrid truck, which was fitted with special Goodyear tyres, has successfully broken two world speed records on the compounds.

The feat was achieved back on April 27th at the Wendover Airfield in the US, with the trucking smashing records for the standing kilometre and flying kilometre international speed standards.

Boije Ovebrink, who owns and operates the unique vehicle, was responsible for the record-breaking run, but could have to wait up to 60 days to gain Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) recognition of the achievement.

“We are very pleased with Mean Green’s performance, especially at such a high altitude,” he said.

Driving on Goodyear tyres, the Mean Green beat its own record for the standstill kilometre, with an official average speed of 153.252km/h (95.245mph) beating the old record of 152.253km/h (94.605mph).

In the flying kilometre test, the truck smash the previous record of 218.780km/h (135.943mph) with an average speed of 236.577km/h (147.002mph).

The truck, which was designed by Volvo, was sculpted to offer the best optimal aerodynamic shape, while the new tyres provided by Goodyear had been specially designed to withstand the stresses of the record attempt.

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Posted by Danielle Barge