Soybean tyres offer longer lasting tread, says Goodyear

24th July 2012

Researchers at Goodyear's US innovation centre have claimed that using soybean oil in the development of a new compound could create tyres with an improved tread life.

The experiment was conducted as part of the manufacturer's ongoing plans to reduce carbon emissions, with various initiatives afoot to reduce its current dependency on petroleum-based oil.

Testing out the new Goodyear tyres, researchers found that the presence of soybean oil extended tread life by as much as ten per cent.

It was also discovered that the substance offered improved mixing capabilities, blending easily with silica in a process requiring lower energy.

Goodyear chief technical officer Jean-Claude Kihn said: “Goodyear is committed to caring for the environment and communities, and use of soybean oil is proving to be another way to accomplish this goal."

Prototype versions of the Goodyear tyres will now be tested in Texas, with plans afoot for the designs to roll onto the market by 2015.

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Posted by Written by Danielle Barge