Government approves major upgrade of UK motorway network

16th July 2013

Motorists across the UK can now look forward to improved motorway networks, improved safety and better surfaces for driving, as reforms to the strategic road network have been announced.  Today (July 16th), transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin announced a major overhaul of the British motorway network which will create extra lanes, new sections in high traffic areas, smoother, safer surfaces and improved junctions.

Road works are expected to cost around £28 billion and serve as the biggest ever upgrade of the existing motorway network. The improvements will be designed to minimise the environmental impact of roads, cut down on congestion and strengthen the UK’s infrastructure.

Mr McLoughlin said: “Our major roads are vital to the prosperity of our nation, connecting people to jobs and businesses to markets. They carry a third of all traffic and two-thirds of all freight traffic but in recent decades we have failed to invest properly in them.”

As a result of underinvestment, Mr McLoughlin suggested economic competitors may have gained an advantage. Canada, Japan and Australia currently spend four times more on infrastructure than the UK. Mr McLoughlin hopes the newly approved road works will help Britain catch up and improve commerce throughout the country.

He added: “Today’s (July 16th) changes will bring an end to the short-term thinking that has blighted investment in England’s roads so that we can deliver the infrastructure our economy needs.”

The government’s reform package will:

Invest £6 billion in managing backlog of maintenance and patching up potholes across the UK.

Create 221 extra lane miles of managed motorways.

Link the North West, Birmingham and London through a new managed motorway corridor.

Make 52 major motorway projects possible.

Allocate £12 billion in investment for road maintenance, £6 billion of which will fund surfacing of 80 per cent of major A-roads and motorways.

Although it will take years to see these projects come to fruition, drivers can look forward to smoother journeys and improved safety on the road.

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