Government must reassess vision tests, says Gem

14th March 2012

The government must reassess its current vision tests for driving in order to boost road safety, according to breakdown cover company Gem Motoring Assist.

Under current regulations, drivers are only required to read a licence plate from 20 metres away in order to pass the sight test part of the UK driving test.

Worse still, reports indicate that the government could be set to relax this law further with the distance changing to just 17.5 metres.

According to Gem, approximately four million UK motorists fail to meet the minimum eyesight requirements for driving.

Poor eyesight can prove detrimental to vehicle maintenance too, with checks on tyres and other vehicle parts like exhausts often proving sub-standard with poor eyesight.

In any instance, visiting tyre and MOT centres could prove a better bet for ensuring safe vehicle checks, but in the meantime, Gem is calling for more stringent eye test procedures.

David Williams, CEO of Gem Motoring Assist, said: "The vision test before the practical driving test is relatively undemanding, with only 2,000 people failing each year.

"With evidence showing that many motorists are taking unnecessary risks with their eyesight on the roads we are urging the government not to relax the rules but make them tougher."

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